Donuts are Popular Sweet Treat at Café Augustine

Portia Alli takes special care with the Café Augustine donuts.

Café Augustine in the Newport Library is cooking up a delicious sweet treat that has become a very popular addition to their menu.

Café Augustine is a four-month personal growth and work readiness program operated independently of the Library, but located in the café space in the Newport Library. Café Augustine aims to equip young adults age 18 through 24 with tools necessary to change their lives, in part by operating the cafe.  Reverend Edward Brienz is the Café Augustine Executive Director.

Are those delicious-looking donuts really handmade? You bet! “We can now produce 14 dozen donuts from scratch in two hours with four people,” Fr. Brienz says.

The café offers both raised and cake donuts, some are punched with holes and others are filled. The café has selections like the Homer Simpson, the Shirley Temple filled with strawberry, along with a coffeecake donut, filled lemon donut, raspberry jelly filled with chocolate icing, apple filled and more.

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