Library RENEWAL Levy on Ballot November 5

Issue 1 is NOT an Increase and NOT a New Tax

The November 5 ballot will have a five-year RENEWAL LEVY of 2.4 mills as Issue 1. This is not a increase and not new tax.

While the levy is small, it is very big to the library system. This levy brings in about half of the Library’s income. Without the levy, drastic cuts would be necessary in this system of 15 libraries throughout Mahoning County.

In 2018: Levy proceeds were $9.8 million or 51.8% of the Library’s $18.9 million in receipts. The State of Ohio’s Public Library Fund (PLF) provided $8.4 million or 44%.

This levy costs Mahoning County homeowner just $6.86 per month for every $100,000 of real estate value. Just $82.34 per year.

Through careful planning and good stewardship, the Library is debt-free. Main Library renovation is getting underway. The Library has planned carefully, setting aside funds for over a decade. That means no interest-bearing loans and no bond issues. This saves taxpayers millions of dollars in interest payments.

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