Like hoopla? We’ve added hoopla Flex!

hoopla-flexHave you tried out the new hoopla Flex Borrow?

The Library is expanding its collection on hoopla to include special hoopla Flex titles and borrows. Library cardholders will now have access to 25 hoopla Flex borrows that can be used at any time on available hoopla Flex e-Books and Audiobooks.

Unlike the 25 hoopla Instant Borrows you receive each month, with hoopla Flex titles, patrons can borrow up to 25 titles at any time. Each hoopla Flex title borrowed is available for 21 days. If patrons run out of Flex Borrows, they can return a checked-out Flex item and borrow another title. Patrons can place holds, return items, and create read lists.

Have questions about how this expanded version of hoopla works?

Library patrons can read, watch and listen to over 950,000 e-Books, audiobooks, comics, movies, music, or television titles that are available to stream or download on hoopla. You can sign up for hoopla with your Library card at and download the hoopla app from your favorite app store.