Rocky Ridge Neighbors to Present Gift on Friday April 28 for Michael Kusalaba Library, Creating Community Sugar Maple Grove Onsite.

Rocky Ridge Neighbors donation for Michael Kusalaba Library to create a Community Sugar Maple Grove onsite.(April 28, 2017) A monetary gift from a neighborhood association on the west side of Youngstown will result in the creation of a community-accessible sugar maple tree grove at the Michael Kusalaba Branch, now under construction by the Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County (PLYMC).

As these trees mature, the residents of the Rocky Ridge Neighborhood will tap the sugar maples in the early spring, attach containers to collect the sap, and share the sap for the public to make their own maple syrup at home with their families. Instructions on how to make maple syrup will be available at this branch of the county’s library system.

The presentation of the gift on Friday to Heidi Daniel, Executive Director of PLYMC, follows the charity of the Michael Kusalaba Fund of the Youngstown Foundation which donated $1.68 million dollars for the new library under construction at the intersection of S. Schenley and Mahoning Avenues.

Mill Creek Maple Pure Maple SyrupRocky Ridge Neighbors donation for Michael Kusalaba Library to create a Community Sugar Maple Grove onsite.This is the fifth year for the reinvestment of maple syrup proceeds back into neighborhood institutions. For example, through this unique social entrepreneurship project, the Library has received tablet computers and special literacy software, as well as support for its Summer Reading Program. Other funding recipients include Mill Creek MetroParks, Mill Creek Jr. Baseball League, and the Youngstown City Schools.

The Rocky Ridge Neighbors’ gift of $2,500 coincides with the start of sales for the 2017 batch of the neighborhood association’s maple syrup, produced from sugar maple trees in Mill Creek MetroParks by neighborhood volunteers. This year’s batch is limited to 380 bottles, and is available at the gift shop at Fellows Riverside Gardens in Mill Creek MetroParks.