Smart Money Program at Main Library: ‘Understanding Credit Reports and Credit Scores’

YOUNGSTOWN (November 2, 2015/For Immediate Release) – Do you know the importance of taking charge of your credit identity? “Understanding Credit Reports and Credit Scores,” a workshop presented by Apprisen, will help. The program is scheduled for Main Library, at 4 p.m., Thursday, November 17.

Participants will learn to access their personal credit report and obtain their credit score, as well as how to use information contained on the reports to impact their financial lives.

Objectives covered include:  What is a credit report and credit score?  How does information get reported?  How to access your credit report.  How to dispute information on your report.  How knowledge of your credit report will help with Identity Theft protection.  Who reviews this information and why it is important.  For adults.

Register by calling 330-744-8636 or register online »