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What Are Pollinators?

bumblebee on flower covered in pollen

What are pollinators? Pollinators are animals that carry pollen from flower to flower. They land on a flower to eat its nectar, and some of the flower’s powdery pollen attaches to their bodies. As the pollinator travels to a new flower, some of the pollen comes off of the animal’s body and sticks to the… read more >>

The 90s (crafts) are Back!

When I was a teen in the 90s, my mom jokingly said to keep some of my clothes because one day they’ll be back in style.  Like so many other moments of my life, I should have listened to her.  It appears that 90s fashion is back, and high school Sarah is very happy!  (I… read more >>

So You Had to Read a Classic

It’s usually not super-exciting to be told what to read, especially when it was a book written a couple hundred years ago.  There are, in fact, a ton of literary merits to these books, but that doesn’t mean they’re enjoyable to read today.  But these classics have given us a beautiful thing…retellings!  Modern day authors… read more >>

Financial Literacy Month Podcast


This month’s episode of the PLYMC Library Anywhere Podcast focuses on financial literacy. Did you know that Ohio signed a law in November 2021 which requires high school students (starting with the class of 2025) to pass a personal finance course before they can graduate? Tune in to hear three librarians discuss what financial literacy… read more >>

100 Easy Tips for Saving Money!

Saving money

Keep a tally of everything you buy for a week. Look for patterns, and decide if recurring expenditures can be reduced or eliminated. Making friends is fun, healthy, and cheap entertainment. Think of fun and unique activities you can all do as a group for cheap, like inviting everyone over for games and snacks, and… read more >>