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Mermaid Garden

Mermaid Reading in a Fairy Garden with Succulents

With spring around the corner, and things starting to bloom outside (crocusus!), it’s natural to want to bring a little bit of your garden inside, by creating a Container Garden.  But not just any old garden… A mermaid container garden!  Use your imagination (and creativity) to visit new and different worlds, like underwater!  It’s easy… read more >>

YA Book Reviews by Amy


YA Book Reviews by Amy: Favorite Printz Honorable Mentioned Every year since 2000, the Michael L. Printz Award honors the best books written for teens as well as having around four honorable mentions. According to the American Library Association, the award is based entirely on literary merit. I like that the award is based on… read more >>

Fun Franklin Facts

Ben Franklin with Kite

Benjamin Franklin was an extraordinary American. His résumé would include: founding father, Renaissance man, editor, author, publisher, inventor, scientist, scholar, philosopher, politician, statesman, ambassador, diplomat, benefactor and even fashion icon. You can learn all about the life of this unusual and creative and inspiring man by watching “Benjamin Franklin,” a two-part, four-hour documentary by Ken… read more >>

YA Book Reviews by Amy


YA Book Reviews by Amy: Books that Live Rent-Free in my Head You are scrolling through TikTok and this familiar and robotic voice discusses the things that live rent-free in your head. You watch the video and think to yourself: What exactly does that mean, to live rent-free? Living rent-free are the thoughts that stay… read more >>

All About St. Patrick on His Day

Saint Patrick Statue looking after the valley on Croagh Patrick, Ireland

St. Patrick a patron saint of Ireland (as well as Nigeria) and was instrumental in bringing Christianity to the Emerald Isle. Two of his writings have been preserved over the years: his Confessio, a short spiritual autobiography and the source of most of what is known about him; and his “Letter to Coroticus,” which denounces British mistreatment of Irish Christians.  Patrick (christened “Patricius”) was born to a well-to-do… read more >>

Northstar Digital Literacy Podcast

Northstar marketing image two women looking at computer with phrase Build your computer skills and your confidence

Tune into this month’s episode of the PLYMC Library Anywhere Podcast to hear about the library’s newest online resource provided to all Ohio residents by the state: Northstar Digital Literacy. Two librarians discuss what this resource is and its many features. Plus find out what it can do for you.  For anyone looking to improve… read more >>

Girls Who Changed the World

March is Women’s History Month.  And by now, I’m sure you’re familiar with a fair few of famous females throughout history.  But did you know that there so many others who have changed the world?  And did you know that some of them were teens – or younger – when they started changing the world? … read more >>