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Sally Ride Day

May 26 is recognized as “Sally Ride Day,” to honor astronaut and astrophysicist Sally Ride, the first woman in space. The library has many books and resources so you can read more about this amazing woman.  e-Books Astronaut and Physicist Sally Ride by Margaret J. Goldstein. Sally Ride loved science, but her teachers thought it was a waste of time to learn. Thankfully, she didn’t listen;… read more >>

Children’s Classic Literature Audiobooks

Did you ever read a children’s classic literature book? Children’s classic literature novels are stories made for juveniles that are about topics that matter. The character is believable and engaging to follow throughout the adventure. These stories have stood the test of time and have been around for years. Young children enjoy classics that are colorful, rhyme,… read more >>

YA Book Reviews from Amy: Books that Will Stay with Me

Hello Everyone! This week I wanted to highlight the books that have stayed with me ever since I have read them; the kind of books that made me think long after I closed the pages. All of these books represent something important to me; one of these novels taught me that a sad ending is okay because it is the only ending that made sense and… read more >>

Letter Scavenger Hunt

Need a fun activity to help your child learn phonics?  Try this easy letter scavenger hunt game. All you need is scissors, a paper plate, and a marker. Step 1:  Turn your paper plate upside down. Step 2:  Write the alphabet around the edge of the plate. Step 3:  Cut slits in the plate between… read more >>

Memorial Day: to Honor and Remember

Memorial Day: to Honor and Remember So, you are gently strolling our local cemeteries and your attention turns to those many, many headstones of men and women who have fallen in war. One or more of them may be relatives, neighbors or friends. Some are unknown to you. Though their graves offer but a passing… read more >>

YA Book Banter – Week 3

Welcome to Book Banter! Two of our librarians read the same YA book and sat down for a discussion on what they thought of it. Did they both like it, love it, or hate it? Would they have changed the ending? Read on for the transcript or watch the video to find out!   AMY:… read more >>

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Read-Alikes

If you read and enjoyed the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, why not give these read-alikes a try? What is a read-alike? A read-alike is a book or author similar in style to another book or author. Why choose a read-alike?  When you’re looking for something new to read, a read-alike is a great… read more >>

Puppy Care

Many of us have been stuck at home with time on our hands.  For some, this has been a good time to get a new pet.  If you have decided to get a dog, but need some help with puppy care and training, the library can help.  We have lots of materials you can access… read more >>

 Scratch Coding Tutorial

Do you want your kids to continue learning while they are out of school, but they just want to play games? Why not do both?! is a website that is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to learn to code. It was created by MIT’s Media lab and launched in 2007. The visual… read more >>

YA Book Reviews from Amy

Reimagining the Classics Part 2 As promised from last week’s post, I will continue to talk about different reimaginings of different classic pieces of literature. I have listed 8 more options to read. This is one of my favorite genres because I love having read the original (usually from the past in school) and then… read more >>

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