Jigsaw Puzzle Fun!

Do you love putting puzzles together? It can be a relaxing time as long as you don’t get frustrated with the bigger puzzles! Those 1000-piece puzzles can get the best of you at times when there are a lot of similar colors. When I was younger, it was hard to find puzzles I liked in… read more >>

Happy Halloween with American Sign Language

 Join us on October 22, 2020 at 6pm for our Virtual ASL Club.  To register and receive the Zoom link to join the meeting, click here. ASL Club is for all skill levels and is a place where you can learn not only new signs, but other aspects of this beautiful language and culture. This… read more >>

Point of View Writing Prompts

“Point of view” refers to the position of the narrative voice when telling a story. A first-person narrator is a character in the story that tells the story to the reader, like in Libba Bray’s YA novel Going Bovine. A third-person narrator tells the story without being a part of the story, as in Beloved by Toni Morrison. Some books may even have multiple narrators,… read more >>

Movies for Baseball Fans

The 2020 baseball season is like no other.  The library has some great baseball movies to help you through all of its ups and downs.  Grab some peanuts and cracker jack and follow the links for a closer look at the titles below.   42: The Jackie Robinson Story:  depicts the early career of number 42, Jackie Robinson, who was the first black… read more >>

Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!

Who doesn’t love bacon? There is a whole day dedicated to this tasty food. International Bacon Day is the Saturday before Labor Day. This year’s Bacon Day is September 5th. The back story is that college students from Colorado University came up with this idea back in 2004. According to awarenesdays.com, Bucknell students call themselves ‘Meatheads,” since they… read more >>

Musical Songbooks

Did you know the library offered printed music and songbooks? Whether you already read music or are just learning an instrument, you can borrow printed music for free. Here is just a small sampling of the variety of songbooks offered at the library.   Piano Songbooks  America’s All-time Favorite Piano Pieces  Christmas in Ivory: 10 Piano Arrangements… read more >>

Postcard Pen Pals: Traveling the World through Mail!

There are few joys as simple or as satisfying as receiving mail – not bills or advertisements, of course, but something intentional and personal, like a card. Even as a child, I loved running to the mailbox every day, hoping there might be something for me.  I still enjoy that thrill as an adult, and it’s… read more >>

Breathing Exercises for Kids (And Grown-Ups, Too!)

Join librarian Chris as she shows some relaxing and mindful breathing exercises, good for kids and grown-ups!

ASL Fall Family Fun and Virtual ASL Club

American Sign Language uses hand and face movements as an expression of language for the deaf and hard of hearing. It is one of the top languages learned throughout the country. Check out some American Sign Language movies, e–books, and books as we get ready for Fall and in anticipation for our first Virtual ASL Club!  ASL Club meets virtually… read more >>

Bird is the Word!

Birding may be just the hobby you were looking for!   While you are sitting in your house, wondering what new hobbies you can pick up before you lose your mind, reach for a pair of binoculars! The study of birds, known as ornithology, is something you can do without leaving the comfort of your backyard. There are… read more >>

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