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Manatee Awareness Month

manatee and baby

November is Manatee Awareness Month!  Developed in 1979 to honor and celebrate these special animals, with their cute squished faces, plump bodies, silly flippers and paddle tail, Manatee Awareness Month reminds us how much we love these wonderful creatures. Tragically, there has been an unusually high rate of manatee mortality in 2021.  A federal investigation… read more >>

Honey Bees

honey bees in comb

Love these insects or hate them, bees have been a part of our earth much longer than humans have.  They date back to the Cretaceous geological era: the last period dinosaurs lived, about 150 million years ago.  Fossils of bees have been found in the United States from bees that lived 60 million years ago. … read more >>

National Pug Day!

pug lounging in grass

October 15 is the best day of the year: it is the day that we celebrate the adorable little dog known as The Pug. This holiday was developed in 2012 to “celebrate this wonderful, loving and loyal breed and to encourage pug lovers all over the world to adopt their next pug from the shelter… read more >>

Bluebirds of Happiness

bluebird couple

Celebrate National Bluebird of Happiness Day on September 24! Bluebirds have been immortalized in myth and folklore since very early times.  The Chinese used them on bone inscriptions as far back as 1000 BC.  Native American folklore include the Cochiti tribe, where the firstborn son of the Sun was named Bluebird.  The Navajo tribe associate… read more >>

Happy National Dog Day!

pet dog

National Dog Day is August 26.  What a great excuse to appreciate dogs of all shapes and sizes (and breeds) for everything that they offer and do for us.  Whether they are guide dogs, therapy dogs, and/or companion animals, all dogs are special.  These remarkable creatures deserve some love and appreciation!  So find a spot… read more >>

Shark Week is Here!

A tiger shark heads straight towards the camera in an underwater dive experience.

Discovery Channel’s Shark Week kicks off July 11 and runs through July 18. This year marks the 33rd annual celebration of Shark Week. Shark movies and programs will be showing all month long on both the Discovery Channel and discovery+ streaming service. For a full listing of new programs premiering during Shark Week, please visit… read more >>

June is Zoo Month!

Wild Animals

June is National Zoo and Aquarium Month. Did you know that there are around 2,800 zoos and aquariums around the world, with 355 of those in the United States?   Let’s explore zoos!  The path to modern zoos began with the capture of wild animals in pens, leading to the domestication of those best suited to living in human-controlled herds, such as goats and sheep.   The first recorded collections… read more >>