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Cicadas Are Coming

Cicada Shells On Table. Bugs. Insects

Cicadas, those strange, noisy, and harmless insects, are emerging from underground again this year in parts of this country.  Parts of 15 states will see billions of Brood X 17-year cicadas emerge in May or June. The Brood X is emerging in parts of Ohio, but shouldn’t affect our local area.  However, if you are traveling you… read more >>

Appreciate a Dragon? Sign Me Up!

dragon flying

Dragons: one of the most popular mythical creatures. Dragons have existed throughout mythology and folklore for thousands of years. When most people think of dragons, they think of giant, scaly creatures that breathe fire and fly with wings. However, not all cultures describe dragons this way. In Eastern Cultures, the dragon is serpent–like and does not have wings. In addition, dragons can either be kind… read more >>

Hibernation for Kids

Bear in hibernation

As the cold weather settles in, many animals will hibernate for the winter. Children begin to ask many questions about where the animals are and wonder why they do not see them. Here are some fun ways to incorporate hibernation and learning into these fun rhymes that will surely get early learners up and moving!… read more >>

National Cat Day

tuxedo cat in bed

Celebrate Your Feline Friends on “National Cat Day”!   National Cat Day is October 29.  It is a day to celebrates the cats we love, and to raise awareness on the importance of cat adoption. So many of us love our pets tremendously! Why not pamper our Feline Friends with some homemade love? The internet… read more >>

Taz and Friends: Animals Down Under in Australia

australia marked on map with push pin

  When you hear Tasmanian devil do you automatically think of a famous cartoon character? Perfectly understandable! But how much do you know about the real-life animal? Tasmanian devils live in Australia, a continent that is brimming with wacky, adorable, and sometimes terrifying creatures! Follow the links below to experience some of Australia’s most interesting… read more >>

Grrr said the Tiger!


Happy International Tiger Day! Today is the day we celebrate and are encouraged to learn about these beautiful cats. This day is to help promote tiger conservation around the world and learn how to keep the tigers’ habitat safe. Did you know there are only about 3,800 tigers left in the wild, and are only… read more >>

Animal Exercises


Want your kids to get some exercise but don’t want it to be boring? Try exercising like an animal. Getting kids to move is important but it can also be fun with these animal exercises.  Set a timer for 30-45 seconds and have kids repeat the motions of the animal they chose. Don’t forget to have them take rests in… read more >>