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STEAM Challenge: Art!

steam challenge

We challenge you to create a tessellation. You may be asking yourself what is a tessellation? A tessellation, sometimes known as tiling, is a repeating pattern created by a geometric shape that fits perfectly together to create a design. There should be no gaps or overlapping in your pattern. Think of it like a puzzle piece, a quilt, or a honeycomb.  Your Goal… read more >>

Window Clings Craft for Kids

window cling

Doesn’t it make you feel happy to see the sun shining through your windows? You can make sunny days even more cheerful with these colorful window clings! This craft can get a little messy, so be sure you choose your work surface carefully, and have some soap and water standing by for quick clean-ups. What You Will Need:… read more >>

Children’s Art with Ms. Tracy

children's art

Are you looking for some inspiration? Get out your art supplies because it is time to be creative and expressive with art. When children draw, color, paint, or write, this expression of art is a language. Long before children can talk, they will use art to communicate how they feel and think. Art is a way a child… read more >>