Paper Flower Craft

Our Adult Take & Make Craft for September is a Giant Paper Flower. Materials 12 sheets of one color of card stock Scissors Glue Pattern sheet Clothes pins, staples, or paperclips- optional Instructions Cut out the three patterns from the pattern sheet.  Print your pattern sheet here: Paper Flower Pattern. Step 1) fold paper in… read more >>

Meditation Art – Word Embodiment 

Learn how to create Meditation Word Embodiment Art by watching this video: How-to do your own Meditation Word Art Gather any paper that you want to write on.  You can use boxes, old envelopes, computer paper, ads, newspaper, scraps from other crafts.  Then, gather some writing tools that seem like fun today.  Try paint and brushes, markers,… read more >>

Zentangle Art Therapy

Create your way to relaxation and contentment! Looking for an easy, low-cost activity to help relax and feel creative?  Explore the world of Zentangle and art therapy virtually through the Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County. Create beautiful works of art (like the images below) instantly, without having to possess transcendent artistic talent.  Zentangle… read more >>

Fourth of July Books & Craft for Kids

What comes to mind when you think of Red, White, and Blue? It’s that time of the year that everybody looks forward to. From flags and fireworks to parades and outdoor grilling, nothing says summer like the Fourth of July. While this holiday is celebrated by many across the county, families have their own way of celebrating. To add to your celebrations, make this holiday even more enjoyable by… read more >>

DIY Silly Putty STEAM Activity

Looking for a way that will help kids let off STEAM? This can be done in a fun and productive way. STEAM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. This interactive approach to learning is exciting, engaging and helps children to think creatively and problem solve. Check out this amazing STEAM activity for how to make silly putty!  Items needed:  Measuring cups (1/2 cup & 1 cup)  Spoon  Bowl  Dish Soap  Cornstarch  Ziplock Baggie or… read more >>

Create Your Very Own Fairy Garden

Summer is here, so let’s get creative and make a Fairy Garden!  This is a great activity that the entire family can enjoy and share together.  You can use materials found around the house and in your very own backyard.  You can create your Fairy Garden in containers of different shapes and sizes, in flower… read more >>