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Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread Houses Made by Our TAB Members A tradition that many families do around the holidays and a sweet treat that is decorated to perfection: Gingerbread Houses. A tradition that my own family never did; we always did other things: seeing the lights on houses or at the park, drinking chocolate milk and eggnog, playing… read more >>

World Helicopter Day

Little boy playing with cardboard helicopter on floor at home. Creative hobby

Make your own helicopter to celebrate World Helicopter Day! “World Helicopter Day is an annual international celebration of the amazing engineering and essential missions of helicopters,” (from the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center).  This day falls on the 3rd Sunday of August each year; this year’s World Helicopter Day is coming up on August… read more >>

Making A Bouncy Ball

Rubber bouncy ball colorful shining toy ball

Have you tried making your own bouncy ball?  Like the recipe for slime but more solid, this ball is ready to play in a whole new way. Become a scientist and experiment!  Once you have followed the basic recipe, try adding different amounts of the ingredients and see how it affects the outcome.  You may… read more >>

DIY Fold-A-Long Fox

fox card glue on face

Fox Fold-a-long cards are available as this month’s Adult Take & Make kit. (While supplies last.) Supplies Needed: Cardstock Pattern Glue Stick Envelope Scissors (not included) Directions Step 1. Cut out pattern. Step 2. Glue white fox silhouette to the middle fox. Step 3. Fold the first and third fox to the middle fox.  … read more >>

Preparing for St. Patrick’s Day Fun and Festivities

St Patricks Day clover leaves

— Using Online Resources Looking for some fun and creative ways to celebrate on St. Patrick’s Day? The library has some great resources for you to try out! We all enjoy wearing green, and many even enjoy eating and drinking green foods & drinks on this day. But there’s lots of other ways to enjoy this national holiday of… read more >>

Spring Wreath

Spring Wreath final

Spring Wreaths are available as this month’s Adult Take & Make kit. (While supplies last.) Supplies Needed Several shades/colors of cardstock Scissors Glue Cardboard Circle Bakers Twine Instructions Step 1: Trim 12×12 paper into 3×3 squares. Use several different shades of paper. For the inner layers you’ll cut smaller squares for small cones. (Example: 2×2… read more >>