YA Book Reviews by Amy

Most Entertaining Audiobooks Part I   I am someone who enjoys having a physical book in my hands to read and it is still my favorite form to read. In the past, I have rarely dipped my toes into eBooks or audiobooks until a couple of years ago; I realized that I spent a lot of… read more >>

National Lighthouse Day

Have you ever been to a lighthouse? Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside one? Lighthouses have provided safety to ships for many years, preventing them from crashing into shorelines.  This led to National Lighthouse Day on August 7th. According to the American Lighthouse Foundation, August 7th, 1789 was the day that Congress approved an… read more >>

First Chapters: Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective

First Chapters is designed for beginning chapter book readers.  Call 330-259-3394 to listen to one of our librarians read the beginning of a chapter book.  You can then borrow the book from the library, Overdrive,  the Libby app, or Curbside Pickup to finish reading it.  There is a new book every month.     The book this month is Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective.  Join boy detective Leroy,… read more >>

YA Book Reviews by Amy

I Will Go Down with this Ship  While I may not read a lot of purely romance books, I do like to read romance within other genres. When the romance is done correctly, it can be so enjoyable, but if it is lackluster or I just do not believe the connection that the author is… read more >>

Grrr said the Tiger!

Happy International Tiger Day! Today is the day we celebrate and are encouraged to learn about these beautiful cats. This day is to help promote tiger conservation around the world and learn how to keep the tigers’ habitat safe. Did you know there are only about 3,800 tigers left in the wild, and are only… read more >>

YA Book Reviews by Amy

YA Book Reviews by Amy: Contemporary Take II  I recently posted a contemporary YA Book Reviews post, and I wanted to continue with some lesser read selections. One reason that I enjoy the contemporary genre is that the characters are usually experiencing love for the first time and exploring who they are and what they… read more >>

Multicultural Fairy Tales

To celebrate this year’s summer reading theme of Imagine Your Story, why not check out some different versions of fairy tales. Reading fairy tales allows us to have deeper conversations with children about the meanings and messages behind the stories. Add in a multicultural twist and you can talk about the similarities and differences, cultural references, and settings.  Check out these multicultural fairy tales… read more >>

First Chapters: Fairy Tales

This week, when you call 330-259-3394, you can listen to Jack and the Beanstalk by Mara Alperin.  You can then borrow this book, or another fairy tale from Hoopla, Libby/Overdrive or Curbside Pickup.  The Take and Make craft bag for the week includes  a rock and items to retell the stories of The Three Little Pigs, Jack… read more >>

To the Moon and…

Up, up, and away! We are traveling to the moon! Come and celebrate National Moon Day on July 20th by going outside at night and looking for the big ball in the sky. Moon Day started as a way to celebrate the day Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon in the spacecraft… read more >>

YA Book Reviews by Amy

YA Book Reviews by Amy: Great Graphic Novels   Jessica Abel, a cartoonist and comics educator, presents graphic novels as a long work in an artistic or comics medium. While graphic novels premiered almost 200 years ago, they have been popular throughout the past several decades and have been gaining more popularity in the Young Adult… read more >>

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