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Fun With Children’s Poetry

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Have you ever just made-up words that rhyme? Chances are a poem was just created. Children have a wonderful way of putting words together that seem to go wonderfully. Poetry is a fun way to spend time together with others talking and singing about thoughts, ideas, and emotions.  A poem is a collection or arrangement of words that express… read more >>

Best Books for Baking with Children

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Baking is a wonderful way to spend time with children! It provides the opportunity to slow down and really connect as a family. Academically, baking helps children with math skills such as measuring ingredients, using fractions, and the importance of temperature. Baking also gives children the chance to practice their reading and comprehension skills by… read more >>

Myths, Legends and Fables: Helping Kids Decipher the Difference

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What is the difference between a myth, legend, or fable? Learning the difference can be quite tricky when you are a child learning literature in school. Tall tales, fables, fairy tales, legends, myths and folktales are sometimes used interchangeably, and that can be confusing. The children’s literature terms are described below with an example of… read more >>