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The Meaning of Easter

Happy Easter banner

April 4, 2021 is Easter Sunday.  Easter is a lovely holiday, and often ushers in the Spring and new growth.  There are flowers, pastels, bunnies, eggs and chocolates!  It is a time to dress up and wear hats and spend time with family. The Religious Side of Easter But there is even more to Easter… read more >>

St. Patrick

Saint Patrick Statue looking after the valley on Croagh Patrick, Ireland

St. Patrick St. Patrick a patron saint of Ireland (as well as Nigeria) and was instrumental in bringing Christianity to the Emerald Isle. Two of his writings have been preserved over the years: his Confessio, a short spiritual autobiography and the source of most of what is known about him; and his “Letter to Coroticus,” which denounces British mistreatment of Irish Christians.  Patrick (christened “Patricius”) was… read more >>