Expanding Skills: Introducing Web Development

Learning how something works can serve many purposes: it can lead to understanding or a new career, it can help you better run your business, or find a new hobby. It has become increasingly more apparent the role of technology in our lives over the last few months. Whether advertising a product, offering online services, or… read more >>

 Scratch Coding Tutorial

Do you want your kids to continue learning while they are out of school, but they just want to play games? Why not do both?!  Scratch.mit.edu is a website that is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to learn to code. It was created by MIT’s Media lab and launched in 2007. The visual… read more >>

Coding for All Ages

Coding games for all ages! If you are just starting out with coding, finding a fun game to play will help you connect the dots and learn the basics, without straining your brain.  https://code.org/learn   Code.org is a great resource for all ages and is something your children have probably already been using. The have a range… read more >>