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Safe-to-Eat Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

When baking chocolate chip cookies, it’s always tempting to sneak some of that dough, but there is always a risk of food borne illnesses such as salmonella or E. coli due to raw eggs and flour. This recipe also avoids common allergens including eggs, gluten, tree nuts, and peanuts. It does include dairy, but substitution suggestions are made below. Try… read more >>

Cooking with the Library

Hey Everyone!  Renee here. Today I am going to share with you one of the BEST banana bread recipes that I have made. This banana bread is a crowd favorite and every time I bring it to work its usually gone within a couple of hours. I stumbled across this recipe in Chrissy Teigen’s (who… read more >>

Cooking with the Library: Pizzelles

Have you ever had a pizzelle before?  A pizzelle is a type of waffle cookie. This waffle cookie started in the Abruzzo region in Italy.  Homemade pizzelles only require a few ingredients and an iron. Pizzelles have something in common with a similar word, pizza. Both of these items are round and flat. Tradition says that both the pizzelle and the pizza started in the same region in Italy. This cookie was used… read more >>

Cooking with the Library: Braided Bread

From beginning to end, the mastery of a good loaf of bread is fulfilling. There is nothing like the smell of it from the minute you open the yeast packet until you remove the loaves of fresh bread from the oven!  And, even if not done perfectly, you will have a finished product to eat- that is… read more >>

Cooking with the Library: Basic Cheesecake


Cheesecake is a super popular dessert. But it’s also super easy to make from scratch.  I’ve been making them for so long I don’t even need to look up my recipe anymore.  Follow along with these easy steps and pretty soon, you’ll be an expert on cheesecake too! Missy’s Basic Cheesecake: Ingredients: 4 packages (32 oz) cream… read more >>

Let’s Talk Tea!

Iced tea is such an iconic summer drink that June 10th has been set aside to celebrate as “National Iced Tea Day!” A little history to get us started… Richard Blechynden, a merchant and tea plantation owner, wasn’t having much luck selling hot tea in the middle of summer at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri. He improvised and poured… read more >>

Cooking at the Library

Sunday Cooking with Chris and Romie this week highlights one of the many recipes available for free online through your public library.  The recipes depicted in these segments require a reasonable amount of prep and cook time, ideally for a Sunday afternoon or Saturday when one has a bit more time to put into a good family dinner. … read more >>