Galaxy Shirt

  This shirt is easy to make, and everyone notices when you wear it.  Try the technique with different dark colored shirts and you can have a whole wardrobe that is out of this world! Here is what you will need: T-Shirt, black works best Bleach Water Spray bottle Large plastic bag Plastic gloves Stiff… read more >>

Halloween Greeting Card

Our Adult Take & Make Craft for October is a Halloween Greeting Card.  Pick your kit up at any library branch or through curbside!  (While supplies last.) Materials 2 Cardstock Pieces 1 Glue Stick 6 Foam Poppers 4 Wiggly Eyes 2 Small Circles 2 Large Circles 3 Spider Silhouettes 1 Envelope Instructions 1. Glue one… read more >>

Paper Flower Craft

Our Adult Take & Make Craft for September is a Giant Paper Flower. Materials 12 sheets of one color of card stock Scissors Glue Pattern sheet Clothes pins, staples, or paperclips- optional Instructions Cut out the three patterns from the pattern sheet.  Print your pattern sheet here: Paper Flower Pattern. Step 1) fold paper in… read more >>

Meditation Art – Word Embodiment 

Learn how to create Meditation Word Embodiment Art by watching this video: How-to do your own Meditation Word Art Gather any paper that you want to write on.  You can use boxes, old envelopes, computer paper, ads, newspaper, scraps from other crafts.  Then, gather some writing tools that seem like fun today.  Try paint and brushes, markers,… read more >>

Zentangle Art Therapy

Create your way to relaxation and contentment! Looking for an easy, low-cost activity to help relax and feel creative?  Explore the world of Zentangle and art therapy virtually through the Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County. Create beautiful works of art (like the images below) instantly, without having to possess transcendent artistic talent.  Zentangle… read more >>

DIY Dog Toy

Upcycle your old shirts to a machine washable toy for your pooch! We are going to cut strips out of our once loved t-shirts and braid them together for an easy DIY dog toy. Mix and match different colors or keep it all the same! You will need: Old T-shirts (I used 3) Scissors Step… read more >>

Mason Jar Bug Repellent Candle

Do you love sitting outside in the evenings, enjoying the fresh air, but hate getting eaten alive by mosquitoes?  If so, you are not alone!  Unfortunately, bug repellent sprays often have dangerous chemicals, and the newer electronic repellents can be expensive.  This easy DIY project uses the trusty mason jar, along with some herbs and essential oil to… read more >>

Upcycled T-shirt Craft

Hello, crafty teens!  Do you have that one t-shirt that you just love, but it’s starting to fall apart?  Maybe it has some holes or stains that make in random spots leaving the picture on the shirt intact.  Don’t worry…we can reuse that t-shirt to make a fun bit of décor!  We’re going to frame… read more >>

First Chapters: Inspector Flytrap

Our First Chapters book this week is Inspector Flytrap, the first of three books in a series by Tom Angleberger.  The main character in this series is a Venus flytrap (yes, the carnivorous plant) who owns a detective agency where he solves “Big Deal Mysteries” with the help of his assistant, Nina the goat.  As you can guess, this involves one hilarious adventure… read more >>

First Chapters: It’s the Cat’s Meow!

This week our First Chapters book will be The Cat’s Meow by Herman Parish.  This fun and funny early readers chapter book is the second installment in the Amelia Bedelia and Friends series, which depicts the beloved title character during her elementary school years.  In The Cat’s Meow, Amelia and her friends rescue a kitten trapped high in a tree, and then must find the kitten a… read more >>

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