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Rocket Fun

Completed Rocket Craft

Learn all about rockets and flying while you make your own rocket craft to fly! Materials needed:  Print out of  two pattern sheets Scissors Tape Crayons or markers Bendy straw What to do: Print the patterns (click the link here to open the template page: Rocket Templates). Color the rocket (if you’d like), then cut… read more >>

Upcycled T-shirt Craft

Hello, crafty teens!  Do you have that one t-shirt that you just love, but it’s starting to fall apart?  Maybe it has some holes or stains that make in random spots leaving the picture on the shirt intact.  Don’t worry…we can reuse that t-shirt to make a fun bit of décor!  We’re going to frame… read more >>

Autumn Leaf Candle Holder 

autumn leaf candle holder

Create a rustic-looking Autumn Leaf Candle Holder!  Perfect for providing a spooky glow for Halloween, or as a mellow tabletop centerpiece for Thanksgiving! All you need is a few simple supplies that you can purchase at any craft store: Mason Jar Fabric leaves in autumn colors Mod-Podge Brush or sponge brush Twine A flameless candle… read more >>