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Mason Jar Bug Repellent Candle

mason jar bug repellent

Do you love sitting outside in the evenings, enjoying the fresh air, but hate getting eaten alive by mosquitoes?  If so, you are not alone!  Unfortunately, bug repellent sprays often have dangerous chemicals, and the newer electronic repellents can be expensive.  This easy DIY project uses the trusty mason jar, along with some herbs and essential oil to… read more >>

First Chapters: Inspector Flytrap

Our First Chapters book this week is Inspector Flytrap, the first of three books in a series by Tom Angleberger.  The main character in this series is a Venus flytrap (yes, the carnivorous plant) who owns a detective agency where he solves “Big Deal Mysteries” with the help of his assistant, Nina the goat.  As you can guess, this involves one hilarious adventure… read more >>

First Chapters: It’s the Cat’s Meow!

Tween phone

This week our First Chapters book will be The Cat’s Meow by Herman Parish.  This fun and funny early readers chapter book is the second installment in the Amelia Bedelia and Friends series, which depicts the beloved title character during her elementary school years.  In The Cat’s Meow, Amelia and her friends rescue a kitten trapped high in a tree, and then must find the kitten a… read more >>

Window Clings Craft for Kids

window cling

Doesn’t it make you feel happy to see the sun shining through your windows? You can make sunny days even more cheerful with these colorful window clings! This craft can get a little messy, so be sure you choose your work surface carefully, and have some soap and water standing by for quick clean-ups. What You Will Need:… read more >>

No Sew T-Shirt Upgrades

If you’re anything like me, you probably have more than a few extra t-shirts clogging up your closet. Some of them might be favorites that are out of style. Others might not fit right or may have faded over time. Consider getting them out of your closet and back into your wardrobe rotation by using… read more >>

First Chapters: Castles & Catapults

reading online

Welcome to First Chapters Book Club! First Chapters is designed for beginning chapter book readers.  Call 330-259-3394 to listen to one of our librarians read the beginning of a chapter book.  You can then borrow the book from Hoopla or Curbside Pickup to finish reading it.  There will be a new book every Monday throughout Summer Discovery. This week on the First Chapters… read more >>

Crafty Corner for Kids

crafts kids

Hi everyone! Ms. Haneen and Ms. Jenni here. Just like many others, we’ve been quarantined and our children are getting restless. Remote learning is just as taxing on them as it is us. Take a breather or two and check out some of these e-books that can help your kiddos pick up a new skill, like learning to sew. If they become really good at it, task them with making an entire outfit (it’s not child labor if… read more >>

DIY Birdseed Ornament

placing hole in birdseed ornament for hanging

Learn how to make a fun and easy birdseed ornament from your home.  This simple project will have all the birds flocking to your house all year round.   DIY Birdseed Ornaments (Makes 15-20 ornaments) 2 ¼ cup flour 3/4 cup water 3 envelopes unflavored gelatin (7.5 teaspoons) 9 Tbsp corn syrup 12 cups birdseed… read more >>