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How to Make Animal Magnets

animal magnets

Sign up and come to the Springfield Library on July 22nd to learn how to make your very own glass photo magnets featuring a cheetah, lion, sea turtle, harp seal, bear, and/or a fox! Can’t make it in? Craft Kits will be available for pick-up at the Springfield Library after the program. Come get them… read more >>

Clothespin Butterfly – Take & Make Craft for Kids

This month’s Kids Take and Make Craft is a clothespin butterfly. Butterflies are herbivores that eat plants and leaves. These insects have been around for over 56 million years and have three separate body parts and six legs. Egg, larvae, pupa, and adult are the four stages in the life cycle of a butterfly.  Let’s make a clothespin butterfly craft!  Clothespin… read more >>

Let’s Go Sew! Using a Sewing Machine

Let's Go Sew

Whether doing clothing alterations or making something fun, having a sewing machine opens new horizons of possibilities. Even an old machine can make things new! We all eventually need things a bit smaller or larger, and we all hate paying for it.  Both the cost and the simplicity of doing many of the things yourself… read more >>

New Year, Improved Mind with Online Resources

Artificial intelligence. Technology web background. Virtual concept-brain education

Happy New Year! Are you one of the many that has made a New Year’s Resolution? A popular goal many people choose to do is to learn something new.  If you are interested in picking up new skills or crafts, we have many online resources to help you succeed! To make them easy to find, we have… read more >>

First Chapters: Two Peas in a Pod


The First Chapters book for the month of November is Two Peas in a Pod by Sarah Mlynowski. This is book number 11 in the Whatever After series. The first chapter of the book is called Too Bad, So Sad.  Abby is 99.9% sure she’ll be picked to be student leader of the school carnival.  Will she?  And what fairytale adventure awaits Abby and Jonah?  Call 330-259-3394 to… read more >>

Let’s Celebrate el Dia de los Muertos!


Del de los Muertos is a Mexican holiday also known as “The Day of the Dead.”  This means that this a time to welcome back the souls of loved ones who have died, in a reunion of sorts, that includes food, music, and overall celebrations. It is believed that at this time the border between the real world and… read more >>