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Trailblazers in the Deaf Community: Famous Men

Do you want to learn something new about some famous people? Five famous deaf men from 1700 to 2020 have become trailblazers for their time. Learn about each of these fantastic men and what they have done to change history. Check out these biographies about these famous deaf men!  Granville Seymour Redmond (March 9, 1871 – May 24, 1935)  Granville Redmond… read more >>

Inspiring Deaf Women Throughout History

There have been many inspiring deaf women throughout history that have made significant contributions in science, athletics, the arts, education, and social reform. These successful women overcame many obstacles at a time when few avenues were open to women. Their determination and perseverance continue to empower women today.  Annie Jump Cannon  Annie Jump Cannon was a pioneering astronomer responsible for… read more >>

Trailblazers in the Deaf Community: Famous Women

Women have always held an important role in the lives of many people throughout the ages, but it has only been 150 years or so that famous deaf women have come to the forefront of society. The biographies of these ten amazing women trailblazers in the deaf community are nothing short of miraculous. They each have special qualities that have propelled them… read more >>

The Essential Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) was a German composer and pianist, who is regarded as one of the most influential composers in classical music. During his career, he wrote symphonies, piano sonatas, one opera, and piano concertos. Beethoven started to lose his hearing at the age of 26, and was thought to be completely deaf by his mid-40s…. read more >>

Trailblazers in the Deaf Community: Famous Authors

250 million people around the world have a hearing impairment and two-thirds of those people live in developing countries. Half of deafness and hearing impairments can be avoidable. If a person is deaf, this is the complete loss of hearing in one or both ears; hearing impairment is the complete or partial loss of one or both ears, according… read more >>

American Sign Language (ASL) is NOT used worldwide…..

There is the common misconception that American Sign Language (ASL) is used throughout the world. This is completely false. There are over 70 million Deaf or Hard-of-hearing individuals around the world that use some type of signed language, which is estimated to be about 200 different sign languages throughout the world. There are some signs that may be similar, but each sign language is unique… read more >>

A Sign of the Times with Babies

Babies can communicate and gesture with their hands long before they can speak.  There are many beneficial reasons that support babies learning American Sign Language (ASL): increase caregiver-child bond and communication and improve self–esteem for both adult and baby.   Signing with your baby is not a new fad.  Historically, signing with babies goes back to the 1800’s… read more >>

Rights of Deaf or Hard of Hearing Children

It is International Week of the Deaf!  First launched in 1958, it is an annual celebration of the global Deaf Community.  This worldwide celebration is held yearly during the last full week of September, the same month that the first World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf was held.  This year, the theme is “Reaffirming Deaf People’s… read more >>

Book Titles for International Week of the Deaf

International Week of the Deaf is celebrated annually by the global Deaf Community on the last week of September.  This year it runs from September 21st through September 26. Below are printable lists of DVDs or books on deafness and deaf culture for youth, teen, adults and all ages. DVD’s about Deafness Book titles about… read more >>