At Home Ideas to Enhance Learning for Elementary Schoolers: Sight Words

Whether your child is back in school full-time, a combined virtual/school learner or an all virtual learner, you may be thinking of ways to build on their education at home. A lot of the resources that you may see in the classroom cost money. I would like to give you ideas that you can try with your children in the different subject areas that you… read more >>

Build a Fort!

Building a fort from blankets and couch cushions is a part of just about everyone’s childhood. It can be a place to snuggle, read or explore your imagination. Your fort can be a castle and you can be the kings, queens and royal subjects, you could pretend your fort is a treehouse up high in… read more >>

Fun Reading Activities and Games for Kids

Looking for fun ways to incorporate reading into your daily routines? There are many activities that can encourage reading for kids who are just starting school or for those who are progressing through elementary school. Reading can take place whether you are taking a trip or even in your own home or neighborhood. Research suggests that to ensure a good foundation for staying ahead during summer months, it’s… read more >>

Story Trails at the Library!

We invite you to take a walk and read a book at the Boardman, East, Michael Kusalaba, or Poland branch of the library.  Each branch has a different story so you can visit them all! These story trails are a great way for children (and their adults!) to enjoy the outdoors and reading at the same time. The pages of the story are mounted… read more >>

Baby American Sign Language with Miss Jenni 

If you are a new parent… congratulations! If you are like me when my children were born, you are worried about how you will teach your little one and what is best for them. You have all these experts telling you to do this or to do that. It can feel very overwhelming. I know it did for… read more >>

Celebrate Kindergarten Graduation

For those of us with Kindergarten students making the transition to first grade, it can be quite difficult to end the school year without saying goodbye to teachers and friends. Collected below are some resources from the library and ideas that correspond to help your young child end their Kindergarten school year and transition to summer and, eventually, first grade…. read more >>

Letter Scavenger Hunt

Need a fun activity to help your child learn phonics?  Try this easy letter scavenger hunt game. All you need is scissors, a paper plate, and a marker. Step 1:  Turn your paper plate upside down. Step 2:  Write the alphabet around the edge of the plate. Step 3:  Cut slits in the plate between… read more >>

Fitness for Children with Tracy & Allie

Need to stretch and move around a bit? Check out some fun children’s videos, books and websites to get you on your toes. Fitness is the well-being and overall health of self. Fitness does not only mean physical health, but also mental and emotional as well. Having a balance between nutrition, exercise and rest is ideal to keep a person healthy. The… read more >>

Outer Space Blog for Kids

Take a look at the night sky, then talk and learn about outer space! Share these resources with your preschool or early elementary children. Watch a story time from outer space!  While in space, astronauts are videotaping themselves reading these books to the children of Earth. These videos are being edited and placed on the… read more >>

Cat Blog for Kids

Dig your claws into these furry, feline digital resources that are simply purr-fect! Read these E-books from our collection Pete the Cat Out of This World by James Dean Top Cat by Lois Ehlert Stick Cat Two Catch a Thief by Tom Watson Cats by Victoria Marcos Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton Cat Tales by Debbie Bennett Th Upstairs Cat by Howard… read more >>

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