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World Helicopter Day

Little boy playing with cardboard helicopter on floor at home. Creative hobby

Make your own helicopter to celebrate World Helicopter Day! “World Helicopter Day is an annual international celebration of the amazing engineering and essential missions of helicopters,” (from the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center).  This day falls on the 3rd Sunday of August each year; this year’s World Helicopter Day is coming up on August… read more >>

Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Group of smiling kindergarten kids

A great way for children to stay busy in the summer is a great treasure or scavenger hunt. When children participate in a treasure hunt, their faces beam with excitement. Kids love indoor or outdoor activities where they look for hidden objects.   This game involves the organizers to create a list of items that the participants… read more >>

Reading Readiness for Children

girl reading

Discovering when a child is ready to read is one of the best milestones in early childhood.  Children learn to read at different rates of speed. Some children will read with ease and others will take longer. There is no need to worry, because as children enter kindergarten, their teachers will work with them to learn the skills they… read more >>

Sight Word Practice at Home

Little girl and boy reading and laughing

Sight words help children build speed and fluency while reading. Most of these words cannot be decoded using traditional strategies, so memorization is usually best! There are approximately 220 sight words that children should have memorized by third grade. For a list of these sight words, click here. An easy way to motivate your child to practice sight words is… read more >>

Get Your Body Moving With PLYMC

Group of smiling kindergarten kids

Gross Motor skills are important to your child’s physical development. The mastery of these skills is essential to completing every day tasks and routines. The following activities will promote the development of these skills.    ACTIVITIES TO TRY: Hopscotch– Playing hopscotch encourages your child to practice body control and coordination by jumping and balancing.   Playing… read more >>

Math + Art = Pi Day (or Any Day!) Fun

Pi Day Activity

Children do not need to be advanced mathematicians to celebrate Pi Day. This easy math art project is easily adaptable for kids of all ages. The only skills necessary are counting to 9, coloring mostly in the lines, and some creativity.    Materials:  ½ inch graph paper  Black marker or crayon  Crayons, markers, watercolors, chalk, or colored pencils   … read more >>

At Home Ideas to Enhance Learning for Elementary Schoolers:  St. Patrick’s Day

Rainbow walking water science experiment

Whether your child is back in school full-time, a  combined  virtual/school student or  an  all-virtual  learner, you may be thinking of ways to build on their  education at home.  The following  activities are a fun way to practice math, science, literacy, movement, and music  on St. Patrick’s Day.  Rainbow Shaker Wand To create this musical craft you will need the following supplies: Paper towel… read more >>