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New Year, New You – New Skills!

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Happy New Year! Are you one of the many that has made a New Year’s Resolution? A popular goal many people choose to do is to learn something new.  If you are interested in picking up new skills or crafts, we have many online resources to help you succeed! To make them easy to find, we have… read more >>

Micro-Credentials and Badges

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As the world advances with the evolution of fast-moving technology, humans must adapt quickly, especially in the work and career environment.  Micro-credentials are becoming the reality for many students and adults.  It is vitally important to upskill or reskill so that you stay relevant and qualify for jobs that pay you an affordable living wage.   What are… read more >>

Fun With Children’s Poetry

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Have you ever just made-up words that rhyme? Chances are a poem was just created. Children have a wonderful way of putting words together that seem to go wonderfully. Poetry is a fun way to spend time together with others talking and singing about thoughts, ideas, and emotions.  A poem is a collection or arrangement of words that express… read more >>

Educational Resources: Science


Do you like to ask lots of questions about science, nature, and technology? The answer is that curious minds want to know answers about the world.   Science is the study of the world around us. Humans learn through describing, experimenting, and observations. Biology, geology, physics, astronomy, and chemistry are just some of the subjects that scientists use… read more >>

LinkedIn Learning is Here!

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As of May 6th, our library has now transitioned to LinkedIn Learning. This is a great educational resource, the successor to There are thousands of video-based online courses freely available to all Ohio library cardholders. These courses cover the broad categories of Business, Technology, and Creativity.  You will find anything from accounting courses to computer courses to playing… read more >>

Mometrix eLibrary for Job Seekers

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Let’s take a look at the newest online resource available to those looking for new jobs: Mometrix eLibrary.  This is a resource which will help people study for almost any required standardized test or career test that is available. You can prepare for a high school equivalency exam, studying for the GED or the HiSET. For those getting ready for college, there is study… read more >>

Educational Resources: Performing Arts

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Have you ever been interested in drama, dance, music, or theatre that involves performing in front of an audience? Performing arts allows children to explore their imagination and emotions, and fosters development in their own ability. Confidence, joy, self-expression, and brain growth are gained through performing arts. The performing arts helps people gain understanding and self-knowledge within society. The arts can be used to educate people about current conditions and… read more >>

Educational Resources: Math

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Have you been trying to find great educational resources about math? Math is important for many distinct reasons including positive attitudes and problem-solving skills. Learning math is used to help children develop math learning, math thinking, math talking, and to develop math skills.   These essential skills are used in everyday life and include sorting, measuring, building, making patterns and comparisons. When adults become excited about math, children will… read more >>

National Kindergarten Day! Let’s Celebrate!

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Get out your crayons, markers, and pencils… it’s time to celebrate National Kindergarten Day! Each year on April 21st, we honor and celebrate the birthday of Friedrich Fröbel, the founder of kindergarten. Fröbel believed that children learn best through play and experience. He developed the first kindergarten in Germany in 1837. However, it wasn’t until… read more >>