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Manatee Awareness Month

manatee and baby

November is Manatee Awareness Month!  Developed in 1979 to honor and celebrate these special animals, with their cute squished faces, plump bodies, silly flippers and paddle tail, Manatee Awareness Month reminds us how much we love these wonderful creatures. Tragically, there has been an unusually high rate of manatee mortality in 2021.  A federal investigation… read more >>

Mason Jar Bug Repellent Candle

mason jar bug repellent

Do you love sitting outside in the evenings, enjoying the fresh air, but hate getting eaten alive by mosquitoes?  If so, you are not alone!  Unfortunately, bug repellent sprays often have dangerous chemicals, and the newer electronic repellents can be expensive.  This easy DIY project uses the trusty mason jar, along with some herbs and essential oil to… read more >>

How to Make A Campfire


Do you like the great outdoors?  Do you like the idea of camping but have little experience doing so?  Wondering how to properly start a fire at a campsite?  Learn some campfire basics here that will improve your next excursion into nature and make you look like a natural at a campsite.        Preparing a… read more >>