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The Grimm Origins of Your Favorite Movies

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There are few storytellers as notable as the Brothers Grimm. Known for their dark versions of popular fairy tales, Jacob Grimm and his younger brother Wilhelm Grimm get in motion many a motion picture inspired by their dark tales. The two brothers always had a love of folklore and legend and often gathered stories from people in various communities… read more >>

Myths, Legends and Fables: Helping Kids Decipher the Difference

magical book

What is the difference between a myth, legend, or fable? Learning the difference can be quite tricky when you are a child learning literature in school. Tall tales, fables, fairy tales, legends, myths and folktales are sometimes used interchangeably, and that can be confusing. The children’s literature terms are described below with an example of… read more >>

Cinderella Around the World

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We all know the Disney story of Cinderella, her prince, and her fairy godmother. This version was inspired by the fairy tale as it became popular in Western culture thanks to the Brothers Grimm, though the tale of Cinderella is believed to be much older and thought to date from ninth-century China. In all versions,… read more >>