National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day is Tuesday, September 29th.  Although the history of National Coffee Day is not completely clear, it was probably created as a jolting (so to speak) reminder to get back to work following a long summer. So in celebration of National Coffee Day, let’s learn more about this wonderful beverage.  The History of… read more >>

Tips to Reduce Waste

Realize that small changes overall are easier than drastically changing everything all at once. Small changes add up to a big difference over time.  Good luck and have fun!  Some ways to reduce food waste are included in the list below: When you buy fresh fruits and veggies, prioritize a spot for them so they… read more >>

Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!

Who doesn’t love bacon? There is a whole day dedicated to this tasty food. International Bacon Day is the Saturday before Labor Day. This year’s Bacon Day is September 5th. The back story is that college students from Colorado University came up with this idea back in 2004. According to, Bucknell students call themselves ‘Meatheads,” since they… read more >>

Fair Favorites – Funnel Cakes and Lemon Shakes

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about the fair is the food! Corn dogs, cinnamon rolls, elephant ears, funnel cakes and lemon shakes, they are all such a treat. Here are some recipes and resources to inspire you to enjoy some fair food at home.     Fair-Style Lemon Shake… read more >>

Fiction about Food

Do you need books that can make your mouth water? Food can be as important in fiction as characters, and we don’t have to turn to a cookbook for delicious descriptions. Try some of these books if you’ve got food on the brain: Like Water for Chocolate  by Laura Esquivel Tita is cursed being the youngest… read more >>

Get Your Hot Dogs Here!

Who likes their hot dog with ketchup on it? Do you like it with mustard? Or do you like your hot dog with SpaghettiOs on it? There are so many ways to eat a hot dog. In fact, July 22 is National Hot Dog Day! This day was started all the way back in 1991… read more >>