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Great Gardening Websites

Planting flowers in a garden

Want to improve your gardening skills or are just a beginner?  These websites will start you on your way to getting that green thumb!    National Gardening Association    Founded in 1971 as Gardens for All, this organization is dedicated to getting new gardeners started, and helping existing gardeners expand their skills.  Their website has a vast amount of information on every… read more >>

Dig Into Gardening

Planting flowers in a garden

Getting your hands in the soil, planting and nurturing seedlings, and seeing your plants come to life and blossom… gardening is irresistible!  Fortunately, no matter what level your expertise, everyone can garden.  All it takes is 10 easy steps. Step 1: Get an idea. Do a little research.  Get information from gardening books, websites, or… read more >>

Made It with Mason! Growing Sprouts in Mason Jars

grow your own spouts mason jar sprouts

Whoever thought growing sprouts could be so easy?  Just grab a mason jar and get ready to stop buying these highly perishable vegetables… because you can grow them yourself! Growing sprouts is actually a very easy “gardening” project.  I love to eat fresh vegetables, and have tried to garden for years before admitting to myself… read more >>