Preserving Your Family History Heirlooms

Getting Organized: If you’re like me, keeping information organized is a real challenge.  At no time is this more apparent, and important, than when dealing with the enormous amount of physical and digital bytes-and-pieces of our family history collections.  You know, all of those photographs, letters, family bibles, home movies, cds, dvds, flash drives, etc.  Even artifacts, like uniforms, wedding dresses and great-great grandpa’s musket, require specialized care…. read more >>

Overseas Immigration in Olden Days

Holding Their Breath While Yearning to Breathe Free: Immigrant Hardships During Ocean Voyages to America O voyagers, O seamen, You who came to port, and you whose bodies Will suffer the trial and judgement of the sea… ~T.S. Eliot., The Dry Salvages (No. 3 of Four Quartets) In 1913 my maternal grandmother, Katarzyna Tymeczko, by herself at age 17, journeyed for ten… read more >>

African-American Genealogy Resources

Discovering your family history is one way to pay tribute to the generations of ancestors who built their lives amid struggle and with hope for a better future. The following resources describe the research process and resources, with a special emphasis on the unique challenges involved when pursuing African-American Family History. Concurrently, because genealogical research… read more >>

Memorial Day: to Honor and Remember

Memorial Day: to Honor and Remember So, you are gently strolling our local cemeteries and your attention turns to those many, many headstones of men and women who have fallen in war. One or more of them may be relatives, neighbors or friends. Some are unknown to you. Though their graves offer but a passing… read more >>

May is Cemetery Appreciation Month

May is Cemetery Appreciation Month.  Well, not officially, but your Genealogy and Local History Librarian, Tim Seman, invites you to get out and visit our local cemeteries.  As a place to honor and remember the dead, cemeteries can be a trove of useful information for building family trees. While on site, you may enjoy the… read more >>

2020 U.S. Federal Census 

Despite the unusual constraints brought on by the pandemic, U.S. citizens are required to respond to the call for 2020 U.S. Census household data.  You can and are required to respond online, by phone or by mail.  The federal Census is done every ten years and is an important way for the government to operate effectively and efficiently on your… read more >>