Online Resources for Crafters 

Looking to take up a new hobby, or a new source of crafting inspiration?  Give some of these online sources and databases a try. You might find a new passion!      Discover a Hobby  This website provides information to learn about and get started with over 220 hobbies, across a variety of categories. Entries include… read more >>

Meditation Art – Word Embodiment 

Learn how to create Meditation Word Embodiment Art by watching this video: How-to do your own Meditation Word Art Gather any paper that you want to write on.  You can use boxes, old envelopes, computer paper, ads, newspaper, scraps from other crafts.  Then, gather some writing tools that seem like fun today.  Try paint and brushes, markers,… read more >>

Stained Glass Art for Teens

Hello, crafty teens!  We are going to make some art that you can hang in a window to brighten your or someone else’s day.  Making stained glass art doesn’t have to complicated, and it looks amazing.  So, let’s get started.  Here’s what you need: a coloring page (I used a mandala pattern)  wax paper  permanent… read more >>

Dish Soap Science

Here are two super easy science experiments you can do today, using the stuff you already have at home.    Dish soap and pepper  Materials: bowl, pepper, dish soap, and a Q-tip (or you can even use your fingertip)  Step 1:  Fill a light-colored bowl with water    Step 2:  Sprinkle pepper over the surface of the water.  Do not mix. … read more >>

Book Stack Decor

Hello, crafters!  This is Missy, here to help you channel your inner Joanna Gaines, and create an awesome piece of farmhouse decor!  Gather your materials and follow along to make a decorative stack of books, stamped with your favorite phrase, your pets’ names, or really, whatever appeals to you.    Materials: several old paperback books (hardback… read more >>

Crafty Corner for Kids

Hi everyone! Ms. Haneen and Ms. Jenni here. Just like many others, we’ve been quarantined and our children are getting restless. Remote learning is just as taxing on them as it is us. Take a breather or two and check out some of these e-books that can help your kiddos pick up a new skill, like learning to sew. If they become really good at it, task them with making an entire outfit (it’s not child labor if… read more >>

National Inventor’s Month: Children’s Edition

Have you ever wondered who invented the first car or airplane? Chances are we would not have those items if it was not for people who were curious about how things worked and how to improve upon something that already exists. These people are called inventors and May is National Inventor’s Month.  The following titles are available through Hoopla and our website Don’t have a… read more >>