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National Blood Donor Month

National Blood Donor Month

Are you a blood donor?  Congratulations, this month is in honor of you! Ever since it was first observed in 1970, January has become National Blood Donor Month.  January was chosen because the winter is historically the most difficult time to get blood donation, mainly due to bad weather, cancelled drives, and seasonal illnesses like… read more >>

Looking for Luck in the New Year: Traditions and Superstitions from Around the World

luck superstition

2022 is right around the corner!  I’ve scoured the internet to find the best ways to bring luck into the new year.  I tried to include the most achievable traditions I found, and left out some of the most outlandish.  Why not try to bring in as much potential luck for the new year as possible? … read more >>

Easy, Cheap DIY Gifts for Teens

DIY Gifts

Whether you’re ready or not, the holiday season is here.  And if you’re not ready, don’t worry!  There’s plenty of time to put together some gifts for your friends and family without breaking the bank.  In fact, everything on this list can be made with items purchased from dollar stores or other low-price retailers.  So, let’s get gifting!    For the friend/family member with… read more >>

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day – Let’s Never Forget

USS Missouri battleship in Pearl Harbor

The day that started the World War for the U.S.A. December 7, 1941 is the day that Japanese forces attacked U.S. soil with hundreds of fighter planes. In the end they were able to destroy or damage twenty Navy vessels, which included eight battleships and over 300 planes. More than 2,400 Americans died, including civilians,… read more >>

Small Business Saturday

small business owner coffee shop

Saturday, November 27th is Small Business Saturday. After celebrating Thanksgiving, it is an American tradition to go shopping.  Lots of people like to get started early with their holiday shopping.  A number of stores even open the night of Thanksgiving (to some controversy).  The next day is famously (or perhaps infamously) known as Black Friday.  Black Friday is typically… read more >>

Happy Thanksgiving!

Family or friends praying holding hands at Thanksgiving celebration table

Today is Thanksgiving Day!  As you recline on the couch, digesting your feast, kick back and enjoy this blog all about Thanksgiving. History In the United States, Thanksgiving is always the fourth Thursday in November, and this year that is November 25.  (The United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and Japan also celebrate similar holidays about being… read more >>