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Get Your Body Moving With PLYMC

Group of smiling kindergarten kids

Gross Motor skills are important to your child’s physical development. The mastery of these skills is essential to completing every day tasks and routines. The following activities will promote the development of these skills.    ACTIVITIES TO TRY: Hopscotch– Playing hopscotch encourages your child to practice body control and coordination by jumping and balancing.   Playing… read more >>

Homeschooling Tips and Tools


Learning is very different this year due to COVID 19. The traditional method of teaching in school, virtually, remote, or a hybrid of either is becoming common place. Parents may be thinking about homeschooling as an option to teaching their children. Homeschooling is the ability to teach school subjects not at school, but at home to children.   Homeschooling began in the 1970s… read more >>