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Honey Bees

honey bees in comb

Love these insects or hate them, bees have been a part of our earth much longer than humans have.  They date back to the Cretaceous geological era: the last period dinosaurs lived, about 150 million years ago.  Fossils of bees have been found in the United States from bees that lived 60 million years ago. … read more >>

Cicadas Are Coming

Cicada Shells On Table. Bugs. Insects

Cicadas, those strange, noisy, and harmless insects, are emerging from underground again this year in parts of this country.  Parts of 15 states will see billions of Brood X 17-year cicadas emerge in May or June. The Brood X is emerging in parts of Ohio, but shouldn’t affect our local area.  However, if you are traveling you… read more >>