Focus on Community Foundations

Local Foundations and United Way During the Pandemic  You’ve probably seen or heard in the media, mention of the Community Foundations in our immediate area.  Right now, especially you’re hearing about them because of the rapid response they’ve made to the COVID-19 pandemic.    The local Community Foundations include the Youngstown Foundation and the Community Foundation of the… read more >>

Charity Evaluation Resources

During this eventful time in our history many people are moved by the events occurring all around us and perhaps you’re considering either donating to or volunteering at a nonprofit organization.  There are also many organizations not directly involved in the corona virus pandemic or with social justice issues but their services remain vital to those they serve and need financial assistance and volunteers to keep their programs operational. Maybe… read more >>

Starting a Nonprofit During the Pandemic?

Is now the right time for you to start a nonprofit during the coronavirus pandemic?  Or for that matter, should you start a nonprofit at all? You’ve been watching the news and see the impact the coronavirus has been having on your community, the state, the country and the world. Some people have become ill. … read more >>

Assistance to local Nonprofit Grantseekers During the Coronavirus Pandemic  

Are you trying to search for grants from home while staying indoors to comply with the governor’s orders and don’t know where to turn?  We have the solution!  Our partner, Candid who has for a combined 88 years as Foundation Center and Guidestar, given people the information they’ve needed to do good.  During this time, Candid has made the Essential version of the Foundation… read more >>