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Genre Spotlight: Amish Fiction

horse and buggy

Amish fiction has become a popular genre of books.  Some people like the clean, wholesome stories.  Some people like to think about a simpler life without television and the internet.  Others like the religious aspects.  Whatever the reason, these stories are uplifting and relaxing.  If you have not read one, try visiting a world where family and community take center stage.    Some popular writers… read more >>

Author Spotlight: Adriana Trigiani

author photo of adriana trigianni

Adriana Trigiani is an author, playwright, script writer, producer, director, and filmmaker. In addition to her many published books, she was a writer and producer of The Cosby Show and A Different World television shows. She is an Italian-American, and her life and family experiences are woven throughout her stories. Adriana has visited and spoken… read more >>