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Reading Readiness for Children

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Discovering when a child is ready to read is one of the best milestones in early childhood.  Children learn to read at different rates of speed. Some children will read with ease and others will take longer. There is no need to worry, because as children enter kindergarten, their teachers will work with them to learn the skills they… read more >>

Desperately Seeking Books

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Are you stuck about what book to read next? Here’s what to do:    Sometimes you can spend more time browsing for a book than it would take to read a book! With the endless options at your disposal, deciding on your next read is a difficult task. What length book do you want to read? Modern or… read more >>

Author Spotlight: Amy Tan

Amy Tan book cover the valley of amazement

Amy Tan was born in Oakland, California to Chinese immigrant parents.  Amy’s older brother and father both died of brain tumors when she was 15.  Her mother, Daisy, moved her and her younger brother to Switzerland.  Amy returned to the United States and received degrees in English and linguistics.  Amy worked as a language consultant and project manager for disabled… read more >>

Myths, Legends and Fables: Helping Kids Decipher the Difference

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What is the difference between a myth, legend, or fable? Learning the difference can be quite tricky when you are a child learning literature in school. Tall tales, fables, fairy tales, legends, myths and folktales are sometimes used interchangeably, and that can be confusing. The children’s literature terms are described below with an example of… read more >>