Conservation 101 with Ms. Tracy

Did you ever plant a tree or pick up a piece of litter from the ground? If you said yes, then you are helping to conserve the planet. Conservation means protecting nature and the environment. When humans conserve, they help to save earth’s natural resources. Natural resources include animals, plants, forest, wildlife, water, soil, and minerals. An example… read more >>

Learning to Clean Up with Ms. Tracy

Do you like to make a mess? Do you find it hard to clean it up? Well, with a little motivation, cleaning can become easier over time. One way to help children clean is to model the action that needs to be done. Weather that is picking up clothes from the ground, or putting dishes in… read more >>

Recycling with Ms. Tracy 

Do you ever wonder what happened to that piece of trash that was thrown away? Recycling is just one of the things that happens to that piece of trash. Recycling turns unwanted and used materials and waste into new materials that can be used again. When items are recycled, this helps to reduce pollution and energy.   Different items can be… read more >>