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Celebrate Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

asian pacific heritage month

May is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, and we have some ideas on ways to celebrate this month-long holiday at home.Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month is a great time to immerse yourself in the rich culture that has been shared by Asian-American and Pacific Islander-American creatives.Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month is celebrated mainly in the United States and focuses on citizens whose family and… read more >>

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo Using Online Resources


The Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo is often misunderstood in the United States, being confused with Mexico’s Labor Day (May 1) and Independence Day (September 16).  It is actually in celebration of a victory by Mexican forces against the French at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.  While this was a minor… read more >>

May is National Mental Health Month

inner peace

During this health crisis, many are experiencing issues with isolation caused by social distancing.  The message to keep in mind is “You Are Not Alone.” Even in so-called ‘normal’ times, many of us experience anxiety and depression.  This month is a time to share your experiences and to support one another.  We need to continue… read more >>

National DNA Day

dna day

It’s National DNA Day – celebrated every year on April 25th to commemorate the day in 1953 that papers were published about the double helix structure of DNA (Check out the biographies in Biography Reference Center for James Dewey Watson, Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins, Rosalind Franklin). It also commemorates the day that the Human Genome Project was completed in 2003.  There are some great interactive timelines about the… read more >>

Tips for Cyber Safety


Conducting personal business online can be risky.  Follow these tips from librarian, Kelly, to help make your time online safer. Change passwords regularly on all of your accounts so an old password can’t be used against you. Lie when answering password challenge questions. Use an answer or phrase that only you know. Enable encryption on… read more >>

Coronavirus Pandemic: Reliable Resources


Coronavirus Pandemic: Fight Fake News with Reliable Government Resources  Have you heard that essential oils could cure COVID-19? Or maybe you heard from your cousin’s friend of a friend that the whole nation is going on lockdown? The Coronavirus pandemic is flooded with misinformation, but you can help thwart misinformation by sharing these reliable government resources via social media, email,… read more >>