Adulting 101: Ironing Your Dress Shirt

If you are looking to make a good impression, wrinkled clothes are not the way to go.  A clean, ironed outfit conveys positive attributes and a polished image.  Whether you need to look your best for work, a job interview, or a special occasion, learning how to iron is a must have skill.  If you were… read more >>

Jigsaw Puzzle Fun!

Do you love putting puzzles together? It can be a relaxing time as long as you don’t get frustrated with the bigger puzzles! Those 1000-piece puzzles can get the best of you at times when there are a lot of similar colors. When I was younger, it was hard to find puzzles I liked in… read more >>

Happy National Pug Day!

October 15 is the best day of the year: it is the day that we celebrate the adorable little dog known as The Pug. This holiday was developed in 2012 to “celebrate this wonderful, loving and loyal breed and to encourage pug lovers all over the world to adopt their next pug from the shelter… read more >>

Adulting 101: Hard-boiling eggs

Hard boiled eggs are one of the easiest things you can make for yourself, but many people have no idea how to make them.  I did my research and tried to find the best methods.  I narrowed it down to two that are sure to make you a hard-boiled egg expert. Method 1 The first… read more >>

Galaxy Shirt

  This shirt is easy to make, and everyone notices when you wear it.  Try the technique with different dark colored shirts and you can have a whole wardrobe that is out of this world! Here is what you will need: T-Shirt, black works best Bleach Water Spray bottle Large plastic bag Plastic gloves Stiff… read more >>

Removing Labels from Glass Jars

After polishing off some applesauce, you’re left with the nice glass mason jars.  I like to reuse the jars, but I hate having to look at those old labels.  You pick at them, you scrub them, you throw them in a hot dishwasher, and nothing gets rid of them.  Or worse, the label comes off, leaving an icky gluey mess… read more >>

DIY Cleaning Solutions

Whether it’s because the stores are running low on cleaning supplies, you are going out only when you need to, you are interested in saving money and using less chemicals around the house, or all of the above, learning to make your own cleaning supplies is quick and easy. These simple yet effective solutions are… read more >>

Hispanic Heritage Month

What is Hispanic Heritage Month?  Hispanic Heritage Month is a time for celebrating the Hispanic Culture, and recognizing the contributions and influence of Hispanic-Americans to the history, culture and achievements of the United States. When is Hispanic Heritage Month?  Hispanic Heritage Month runs annually from September 15 through October 15. September 15 was selected as… read more >>

Halloween Greeting Card

Our Adult Take & Make Craft for October is a Halloween Greeting Card.  Pick your kit up at any library branch or through curbside!  (While supplies last.) Materials 2 Cardstock Pieces 1 Glue Stick 6 Foam Poppers 4 Wiggly Eyes 2 Small Circles 2 Large Circles 3 Spider Silhouettes 1 Envelope Instructions 1. Glue one… read more >>

National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day is Tuesday, September 29th.  Although the history of National Coffee Day is not completely clear, it was probably created as a jolting (so to speak) reminder to get back to work following a long summer. So in celebration of National Coffee Day, let’s learn more about this wonderful beverage.  The History of… read more >>

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