Book Titles for International Week of the Deaf

International Week of the Deaf is celebrated annually by the global Deaf Community on the last week of September.  This year it runs from September 21st through September 26. Below are printable lists of DVDs or books on deafness and deaf culture for youth, teen, adults and all ages. DVD’s about Deafness Book titles about… read more >>

Sign Language and Human Rights around the World

One would think that having access to language would be a basic human right. However, Deaf and Hard-of-hearing people around the world, still to this day in 2020, have issues accessing language due to one thing or another. Across the globe, Deaf and Hard-of-hearing individuals do not have access to interpreters or there is a… read more >>

Tips to Reduce Waste

Realize that small changes overall are easier than drastically changing everything all at once. Small changes add up to a big difference over time.  Good luck and have fun!  Some ways to reduce food waste are included in the list below: When you buy fresh fruits and veggies, prioritize a spot for them so they… read more >>

Alternative Search Engines

Need a change from Google?  There are many other search engines out there that one can use for researching purposes.  Tired of ads popping up when you conduct searches on Google or other sites?  Many of these sites will not track your activity, and you can conduct your search uninterrupted. Cluster, Meta, and Private Search… read more >>

Adulting 101: Kitchen Hacks (with Lemons)

Ever wonder how to get rid of that awful smell in your garbage disposal? Or how to organize your ingredients before tackling a recipe? How about the best method for measuring out sticky ingredients without having half of it stuck to the measuring spoon? Librarians Chris and Romie are here to share a series of quick and nifty kitchen… read more >>

Point of View Writing Prompts

“Point of view” refers to the position of the narrative voice when telling a story. A first-person narrator is a character in the story that tells the story to the reader, like in Libba Bray’s YA novel Going Bovine. A third-person narrator tells the story without being a part of the story, as in Beloved by Toni Morrison. Some books may even have multiple narrators,… read more >>

Paper Flower Craft

Our Adult Take & Make Craft for September is a Giant Paper Flower. Materials 12 sheets of one color of card stock Scissors Glue Pattern sheet Clothes pins, staples, or paperclips- optional Instructions Cut out the three patterns from the pattern sheet.  Print your pattern sheet here: Paper Flower Pattern. Step 1) fold paper in… read more >>

Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!

Who doesn’t love bacon? There is a whole day dedicated to this tasty food. International Bacon Day is the Saturday before Labor Day. This year’s Bacon Day is September 5th. The back story is that college students from Colorado University came up with this idea back in 2004. According to, Bucknell students call themselves ‘Meatheads,” since they… read more >>

Public Domain Resources and You

What is public domain? Works of creative expression—such as films, writings, patents for inventions, and images—are considered to be in the public domain when no one (creator or company) holds exclusive intellectual property rights. Put more simply, no copyright applies these works, so you are free to use them however you like!  In the United States, copyright protects “original works of authorship fixed in any tangible medium of expression,” but in some cases this… read more >>

Free Online Resources for Artistic Teens

Hello, artsy teens!  Are you looking to change things up with your art?  Maybe you just want to see what else is out there.  Or perhaps you just need some new inspiration.  No matter what you need or want to do with your art, you’ll be able to accomplish your goal with these free online… read more >>

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