Register to Vote Online

Navigating the Mahoning County Board of Elections Website We have a very important and pivotal election coming up this November.  Be sure that you are registered to vote by October 5 if you want to be able to vote in the November 3 general election. Although it takes a little time to register to vote, it’s… read more >>

Adulting 101: Money Orders

Money orders may seem outdated with the popular use of debit cards, credit cards and online money transfers and payments, but money orders are still very useful for many transactions and can be purchased at many convenient locations.  What is a money order?  A money order is a printed certificate issued in a specific amount…. read more >>

Meditation Art – Word Embodiment 

Learn how to create Meditation Word Embodiment Art by watching this video: How-to do your own Meditation Word Art Gather any paper that you want to write on.  You can use boxes, old envelopes, computer paper, ads, newspaper, scraps from other crafts.  Then, gather some writing tools that seem like fun today.  Try paint and brushes, markers,… read more >>

Zentangle Art Therapy

Create your way to relaxation and contentment! Looking for an easy, low-cost activity to help relax and feel creative?  Explore the world of Zentangle and art therapy virtually through the Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County. Create beautiful works of art (like the images below) instantly, without having to possess transcendent artistic talent.  Zentangle… read more >>

Dragons: Read and Make!

They can fly! They can shoot fire from their mouths! And they are magic! Dragons are fairy tale creatures that kids love for their strength and their magical powers.   While we can’t have story times inside the library right now, your family can still experience fun with books and crafts. Below you will find a listing of silly picture books, simple crafts, and fun activities… read more >>

Postcard Pen Pals: Traveling the World through Mail!

There are few joys as simple or as satisfying as receiving mail – not bills or advertisements, of course, but something intentional and personal, like a card. Even as a child, I loved running to the mailbox every day, hoping there might be something for me.  I still enjoy that thrill as an adult, and it’s… read more >>

Destination OHIO! Ohio’s Castles

Castles in Ohio?  You bet!  Take a virtual tour of these lovely buildings and trails.     Glamorgan Castle Glamorgan Castle Glamorgan consists of Italian Renaissance and French Empire architectural styles and is built of Vermont marble.  For more history, visit Alliance, OH  Franklin Castle Franklin Castle Franklin Castle was built in the Queen Anne style.  It is… read more >>

Murder with Recipes: 12 Cozy Mystery Series to Sample

A good cozy murder mystery is like comfort food for your mind and soul.  Yes, the plot will involve a murder, but it will happen off-stage, with no gory details.  These are not mysteries that will have you checking the locks and jumping at every sound. Cozy mysteries feature normal, everyday heroines who just happen to stumble across… read more >>

Searching the Library Website

Learn how to find easily information on the library website by viewing the video here:   Step-by-step instructions (click on the thumbnails for full-sized images): The library has three options for searching for information on the website: Catalog, Articles, and Site (Website in some menus). On the main page, this will appear underneath the blue… read more >>

The 2020 Census: Why It’s Important

Reasons Why It’s Important for Everyone to Take the Census: Constitutionally-required count of every person in USA.  Determines representation in Congress and Electoral College.  Determines allocation of $800 billion each year.  Including how much police, hospitals, schools and public libraries receive.  Occurs only once every 10 years.  So if you aren’t counted, and funds aren’t allocated properly, you will need to… read more >>

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