Talking About Race with Young Children by Haneen

Hello, library community! Like many of you, I’ve watched the news and social media coverage over the protests sweeping the nation. I’ve seen videos of officers and protesters walking hand and hand, kneeling together in hopes towards social justice and racial equity. The Library truly is “For the People,” so what can we do for… read more >>

Cooking at the Library

Sunday Cooking with Chris and Romie this week highlights one of the many recipes available for free online through your public library.  The recipes depicted in these segments require a reasonable amount of prep and cook time, ideally for a Sunday afternoon or Saturday when one has a bit more time to put into a good family dinner. … read more >>

No Sew T-Shirt Upgrades

If you’re anything like me, you probably have more than a few extra t-shirts clogging up your closet. Some of them might be favorites that are out of style. Others might not fit right or may have faded over time. Consider getting them out of your closet and back into your wardrobe rotation by using… read more >>

Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journaling is a fun and creative way to organize your life!  Your journal is uniquely yours, and you can style it anyway you like.  Here are some suggestions to get you started on your Bullet Journaling adventure. Health Benefits to Journaling: • Relaxes you. • Helps you clarify and organize your thoughts and feelings…. read more >>

Virtual Book Club: ‘Educated’ by Tara Westover

Virtual Book Club Chooses ‘Educated’ as First Read – Join In! Join the new virtual book club with partners YSU Alumni and Friends, YSU’s Maag Library and the Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County. Following a survey, the book “Educated”  by Tara Westover was chosen as the first selection. The book was 2018 Goodreads Choice winner…. read more >>


Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Share these resources with your preschool or early elementary children. Watch and read a fiction and non-fiction book about dinosaurs on BookFlix. Read these books from the library’s eBook collection.  You can click on the links below or search for these titles in the Libby app: Crunch, the Shy Dinosaur by… read more >>

Hogwarts House Bingo

Your Daily Activities Determine Your Hogwarts House – Bingo How many times have you wondered: Which Hogwarts House would I be placed in if I lived in the wizarding world? If you have wondered this and you have exhausted all the online quizzes, why not try this one! To pass the time look at your daily… read more >>

Learn to Play the Ukulele

Watch and learn to play the ukulele with John from the Library. The ukulele is a fun and entertaining instrument which is easy to learn, so let’s get started! There are an abundance of free resources available if you wish to continue learning such as This site by Brad Bordessa has a wide variety of… read more >>

Coronavirus Pandemic: Reliable Resources

Coronavirus Pandemic: Fight Fake News with Reliable Government Resources  Have you heard that essential oils could cure COVID-19? Or maybe you heard from your cousin’s friend of a friend that the whole nation is going on lockdown? The Coronavirus pandemic is flooded with misinformation, but you can help thwart misinformation by sharing these reliable government resources via social media, email,… read more >>

Celebrate Earth Day: Let’s Take a Walk

April 22, 2020 will mark 50 years of Earth Day. Let’s celebrate our home planet by going for a walk with Ms. Tracy. Spring is a great time to go outside for a walk. The trees and flowers are in bloom and the air smells so fresh. Exercise is a great way to stay active and walking… read more >>

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