Back to Work: Resume Gaps

Some people have contacted me and have asked, well I want to start applying for jobs, but I have been out of work for a while, and I am concerned about that.  I explain to them well there are legitimate job gaps and then there are gaps that may need more explaining.  Legitimate Resume Gaps Parenting … read more >>

Back to Work: Resume Worksheet

Need help creating your resume.  The resume worksheet below will help you gather your thoughts.  Writing things down and really thinking about what you accomplished or did at your current or past jobs will really help in organizing a well-written resume!   Print this out and get those creative thoughts going!  Download a copy here!

Action Verbs for Resumes

These are the types of words you would use to describe your accomplishment and job duties.  **Remember to use the present and past tense correctly on resumes, if you are working at a job now you want to write in the present tense.  If you left a job, you want to write in the past… read more >>

Introduction to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform.  This is where you can go to connect with business colleagues, network yourself, search for work, conduct research on various companies, showcase your business or products.  LinkedIn is essentially the new resume.  This profile can provide an in-depth insight of who you are, what you do, and what you have accomplished.  You can connect… read more >>

References for Resumes

WHAT ARE REFERENCES? Job references are validations from people who can tell other people about yourself.  They can provide proof that you are a competent individual.  People are more likely to trust another person telling them that you are a great and productive worker.  A reference is someone who’s willing to confirm what you did, when you did it, and… read more >>

Resumes: Objective vs Summary of Qualifications

JOB & CAREER BLOG ADVICE. Which one is better? A resume featuring a job objective or one featuring a summary of qualifications? In my opinion, a Summary of Qualifications section is much better than a Career Objective and I will tell you why. Job Objectives are typically one to two sentences that explain to a… read more >>