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Educational Resources: Science


Do you like to ask lots of questions about science, nature, and technology? The answer is that curious minds want to know answers about the world.   Science is the study of the world around us. Humans learn through describing, experimenting, and observations. Biology, geology, physics, astronomy, and chemistry are just some of the subjects that scientists use… read more >>

Science for Everyone!

Citizen Science Month, Woman and Girl at Computer

The month of April is Citizen Science Month, and April 16th is Citizen Science Day.  If you enjoy science, there are lots of projects where you can help out. Any person in the world can participate with helping to researchers gain insights about all sorts of topics from the environment through health.  And, best of… read more >>

Sharing Science: Books for Babies and Toddlers

mom and baby reading

It is never too early to start sharing books and having conversations with your child. You can start sharing science vocabulary and processes with your littlest one right now. Here are a few aspects to look for when selecting appropriate and engaging science picturebooks for our youngest learners. Each aspect is accompanied by a recommended… read more >>