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Life Hack: When Stuck at Home, Start a New Book Series!

Coloured Series of Books

Now is the best time to start a new books series or re-visit ones that you love! With our online collections, you’ll have the opportunity to read some of these favorites from your own devices. By: Taylor S. Harry Potterand the Sorcerer’s Stone (ebook/audiobook available on Overdrive and Hoopla) Read this seven-book series about Harry Potter “The Book Who Lived” and his… read more >>

Dog Man Read-Alike Suggestions

tweens reading

If you read and loved all the Dog Man Books, what should you read next? What is a read-alike? A read-alike is a book or an author similar in style to another book or author. Why choose a read-alike? When you’re looking for something new to read, a read-alike is a great place to start, because it will be similar to a book… read more >>