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STEAM Activity Books to Spark Creativity

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 STEAM activities are a great way to engage new skills and creative thinking, all while learning something along the way! Here is a list of kid-friendly activity books to get you started, with hundreds of recipes, experiments, and projects. All of these titles available to borrow on Hoopla and can be found in the Juvenile Nonfiction tag.  Amazing (Mostly) Edible Science will let you explore… read more >>

Minecraft Challenge: Roller Coaster!

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Hello Friends! It’s time for the Library’s weekly challenge! Every week we’ll post a new challenge for school age children.   Our week nine challenge is to build an awesome roller coaster in Minecraft.  Pick a theme and build your coaster.  Add other rides, stands, and attractions to make a whole theme park if you want!  Remember to post a picture… read more >>

Dish Soap Science

colors swirling in water

Here are two super easy science experiments you can do today, using the stuff you already have at home.    Dish soap and pepper  Materials: bowl, pepper, dish soap, and a Q-tip (or you can even use your fingertip)  Step 1:  Fill a light-colored bowl with water    Step 2:  Sprinkle pepper over the surface of the water.  Do not mix. … read more >>

STEAM Challenge: LEGO Sun Prints

steam challenge

This week, we challenge you to make a LEGO sun print!  All you need are LEGOs, construction paper, and the sun. Take LEGOs and place them on a piece of construction paper.  I used purple construction paper, but you can try a different color.  Place the paper out in the sun.  I taped the paper to a tray and placed it… read more >>

Bug Off! Challenge Your Family to a Bug Hunt

Lady bug

It’s summer time, and that means that here in northeast Ohio, we finally get to enjoy some time outdoors! If your family is anything like mine, there might be a little bit of a competitive spirit, and looking for structured activities that extend learning can make the best of this friendly competitive atmosphere. Challenge your family members to a… read more >>

LEGO Challenge: Outer Space

lego building challenge

Hey Kids! Get your LEGOs ready and welcome to the Library’s weekly Challenge!  Every week we’ll post a new challenge for school age children. This week’s challenge is to Build Something From Outer Space using LEGOs. Post a picture of your completed build on Facebook or Instagram. Don’t forget to tag @librarymahoningcounty #PLYMCSTEAM We can’t wait to… read more >>

Minecraft Challenge: Castles!

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 Hello Friends!  It’s  time for the Library’s weekly Challenge! Every week we’ll post a new challenge for school age children.       Our  sixth  challenge is to  build a castle in Minecraft. It can have towers, moats, dungeons, and even dragons! Make your castle the perfect place to rule your Minecraft world! You can be in creative mode and use all kinds of blocks.     … read more >>

STEAM Challenge: Art!

steam challenge

We challenge you to create a tessellation. You may be asking yourself what is a tessellation? A tessellation, sometimes known as tiling, is a repeating pattern created by a geometric shape that fits perfectly together to create a design. There should be no gaps or overlapping in your pattern. Think of it like a puzzle piece, a quilt, or a honeycomb.  Your Goal… read more >>

Free STEAM Activities for All Ages

steam challenge

 Are you looking for some fun, free STEAM activities?  Here are some fun links to explore and some fun activities you can try at home!  STEAM Challenges from MakerMaven gives you free STEAM challenges you can complete at home, most using items you can find around the house! Challenge yourself or a family member to try and… read more >>

DIY Silly Putty STEAM Activity

Girl playing with putty

Looking for a way that will help kids let off STEAM? This can be done in a fun and productive way. STEAM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. This interactive approach to learning is exciting, engaging and helps children to think creatively and problem solve. Check out this amazing STEAM activity for how to make silly putty!  Items needed:  Measuring cups (1/2 cup & 1 cup)  Spoon  Bowl  Dish Soap  Cornstarch  Ziplock Baggie or… read more >>