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LEGO Challenge: Airplanes!

lego building challenge

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Please make sure your seatbelt is fastened, your seat is in the upright position and your tray is secure. We are ready for takeoff! This week our LEGO Build Challenge is to build your own airplane! There are plenty of kits you can use to make really amazing LEGO-planes, but this week we… read more >>

Minecraft Challenge: Build a Treehouse

Minecraft challenge graphic

Hello Friends! It’s time for the Library’s Weekly Challenge! Every week we’ll post a new challenge for school age children.  This week is a Minecraft Challenge.   The challenge is to build a treehouse in Minecraft. Your treehouse can be small or big, let your imaginations soar!  You can be in creative mode and use all kinds of blocks.   Remember to post a picture of… read more >>

Create Your Very Own Fairy Garden

Fairy garden

Summer is here, so let’s get creative and make a Fairy Garden!  This is a great activity that the entire family can enjoy and share together.  You can use materials found around the house and in your very own backyard.  You can create your Fairy Garden in containers of different shapes and sizes, in flower… read more >>

STEAM Challenge: Sidewalk Chalk Creations

steam challenge

Hey Kids! Get ready for the Library’s weekly Challenge!  This week is a STEAM Challenge using sidewalk chalk!  Every week we’ll post a new challenge for school age children. Use your imagination and sidewalk chalk to create a masterpiece on your driveway or sidewalk. Post a picture of your creation on Facebook or Instagram.  Don’t… read more >>

Window Clings Craft for Kids

window cling

Doesn’t it make you feel happy to see the sun shining through your windows? You can make sunny days even more cheerful with these colorful window clings! This craft can get a little messy, so be sure you choose your work surface carefully, and have some soap and water standing by for quick clean-ups. What You Will Need:… read more >>

Book Stack Decor

book stack step 5

Hello, crafters!  This is Missy, here to help you channel your inner Joanna Gaines, and create an awesome piece of farmhouse decor!  Gather your materials and follow along to make a decorative stack of books, stamped with your favorite phrase, your pets’ names, or really, whatever appeals to you.    Materials: several old paperback books (hardback… read more >>

LEGO Building Challenge

lego building challenge

Hey Kids! Get your LEGOs ready and welcome to the Library’s weekly Challenge!  This week is a LEGO Building Challenge.  Every week we’ll post a new challenge for school age children. Our first challenge is to Build Your Name using LEGOs. Post a picture of your completed build on Facebook or Instagram.  Don’t forget to… read more >>

Crochet Basics with Sarah

A girl showing how to crochet

Hi, everyone! Are you ready to learn to crochet? It’s not scary, I promise!  It does take some time, so just remember to be patient.     And don’t forget to check the Library’s amazing online resources!  RBDigital has two crochet magazines that you can borrow online with your library card number. Keep reading for some great… read more >>