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Summer Fun Activities for Children

Child Development and confidence and growth

Thinking about what to do this summer? Summer is a wonderful time to do fun activities with children.  Learn a new Summer Rhyme! Summer                                                                         … read more >>

Penguin Snacks

Penguin snacks completed

In honor of our Humboldt Penguin Pen Pals at the Akron Zoo, let’s make some fun snacks that look like just them! Pick from Titi, Rocky, Guapo, Gabriella, Pez, Pedro, Mouse, Armando, Schnitzel, Franz, Anadeo and Rico, or make one of each!  (Read all about these special penguins and their unique personalities on the Akron… read more >>

Beachy Books for Summer

book open on beach

Are you looking for your next great summer read?  Whether you’re looking for some beach front romance or lakeside drama, this list has you covered with breezy reads! Add these upcoming titles to your “to-read” list or place one on hold through our library catalog.    On Ocean Boulevard by Mary Alice Monroe Troubles in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand The Friendship List by… read more >>

Salt Dough Crafting for Kids: Making Leaf Impressions

During the summer, you may be looking for easy, budget-friendly crafts. Salt dough is simple to make and uses only 3 ingredients that you’ll already have on hand. It can be used for sculpting, making jewelry and ornaments, and tons of other ideas! For today, we’ll be making leaf impressions and decorating them. This activity will first take you outside to enjoy the weather, and then… read more >>

Multicultural Fairy Tales


To celebrate this year’s summer reading theme of Imagine Your Story, why not check out some different versions of fairy tales. Reading fairy tales allows us to have deeper conversations with children about the meanings and messages behind the stories. Add in a multicultural twist and you can talk about the similarities and differences, cultural references, and settings.  Check out these multicultural fairy tales… read more >>

How to Make A Campfire


Do you like the great outdoors?  Do you like the idea of camping but have little experience doing so?  Wondering how to properly start a fire at a campsite?  Learn some campfire basics here that will improve your next excursion into nature and make you look like a natural at a campsite.        Preparing a… read more >>

Bug Off! Challenge Your Family to a Bug Hunt

Lady bug

It’s summer time, and that means that here in northeast Ohio, we finally get to enjoy some time outdoors! If your family is anything like mine, there might be a little bit of a competitive spirit, and looking for structured activities that extend learning can make the best of this friendly competitive atmosphere. Challenge your family members to a… read more >>