Screen Time for Youth

There are all types of things to think about with your kids, and how much screen time they should have is one of them! A lot of research exists on the subject and new research is coming out all of the time, but it can be difficult to sift through.    When thinking about screen time for children, what… read more >>

Will Streaming Kill the TV Star?

New Technology for New Content Development Few people probably thought that 2020 would be the year of working from home, ZOOM, and having more time than needed to catch up on our Netflix, Hulu, and Prime watch lists. Netflix, in particular, saw an increase in viewers by more than 100% in March of this year. People are… read more >>

Expanding Skills: Introducing Web Development

Learning how something works can serve many purposes: it can lead to understanding or a new career, it can help you better run your business, or find a new hobby. It has become increasingly more apparent the role of technology in our lives over the last few months. Whether advertising a product, offering online services, or… read more >>

Excel Tips

One of the fastest ways to learn Excel is to learn some of the Excel TIPS and TRICKS. Learn how to move data in an Excel spread sheet. Excel Tip #1 – Move Data  We want to show you how to move data around in your cells the easiest way possible.  The quickest way to move… read more >>

Adventures with Apps

App Name: Duolingo Publisher: Duolingo Platforms: Android and iOS Cost: Free, with In-App Purchases Ages: All ages Review: Duolingo is an interactive language learning app that offers over 35 courses of different languages. The languages with the highest number of learners are Spanish and French but also offered are Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, etc. In the app, you will complete lessons of different themes such as family, food, at… read more >>

FaceTime Instructional Video

If you’re longing to see your loved ones, but can’t visit in person, one alternative you can use is FaceTime. FaceTime is a way to make conventional phone calls or video phone calls from your Apple device, like an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac computer. Because it is native to Apple devices, you don’t… read more >>

3D Design Basics

Learning 3D design is easy and free using autocad’s educational website, Do you have a design idea that you are itching to see come to life? Learn how to design and engineer anything using This is a great website to introduce yourself to the basics of thinking and creating in three dimensions. Click the video below… read more >>

Coding for All Ages

Coding games for all ages! If you are just starting out with coding, finding a fun game to play will help you connect the dots and learn the basics, without straining your brain. is a great resource for all ages and is something your children have probably already been using. The have a range… read more >>