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Francophiles Unite for Bastille Day 2021

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For all who love everything French, Bastille Day, the National Holiday of France, is a great day to celebrate. This day commemorates the fall of the French military fortress and prison, the Bastille, in 1789. It signaled the start of the French Revolution. For an overview of this historical event, check out Salem Online‘s article:… read more >>

Battle of Gettysburg


The town of Gettysburg, located in southeastern Pennsylvania, was thrust into history when the Civil War literally came to its door steps.  In the scorching heat of July 1 through July 3, 1863, Union and Confederate forces fought in what became the bloodiest battle of the Civil War.  Even though the war would drag on… read more >>

Travel Adventure Books for When You Can’t Travel

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Let’s travel!  Well, sorta … Have you always wanted to travel somewhere exotic? Or have a crazy adventure traveling from country to country? In this list you’ll find inspirational stories from people who challenged themselves to travel somewhere they had never been. Each book offers a glimpse into another extraordinary voyage across foreign territory.    Alone in Antarctica, by Felicity Aston Accompany… read more >>

Destination OHIO! Ohio’s Castles


Castles in Ohio?  You bet!  Take a virtual tour of these lovely buildings and trails.     Glamorgan Castle Glamorgan Castle Glamorgan consists of Italian Renaissance and French Empire architectural styles and is built of Vermont marble.  For more history, visit Alliance, OH  Franklin Castle Franklin Castle Franklin Castle was built in the Queen Anne style.  It is… read more >>