Postcard Pen Pals: Traveling the World through Mail!

There are few joys as simple or as satisfying as receiving mail – not bills or advertisements, of course, but something intentional and personal, like a card. Even as a child, I loved running to the mailbox every day, hoping there might be something for me.  I still enjoy that thrill as an adult, and it’s… read more >>

Destination OHIO! Ohio’s Castles

Castles in Ohio?  You bet!  Take a virtual tour of these lovely buildings and trails.     Glamorgan Castle Glamorgan Castle Glamorgan consists of Italian Renaissance and French Empire architectural styles and is built of Vermont marble.  For more history, visit Alliance, OH  Franklin Castle Franklin Castle Franklin Castle was built in the Queen Anne style.  It is… read more >>

Around the World with Famous Libraries by Mary Kelly

There is no better place to celebrate reading and writing than the library! The following list highlights some of the most famous and interesting libraries across the world. Click on the links to explore them further!   The Library of Congress  Perhaps the most famous library in America, the Library of Congress is one of… read more >>